Special Moment: Jack Johnson Pays Tribute to the Fan Who Inspired His Latest Haircut

Getty, Instagram

If you are a fan of Jack and Jack, then you already know that their fans seriously do mean the world to them. After all, they would not be where they are today without tons of fans keeping up with them on social media and supporting their music careers. Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky's fan base is as strong as it gets, and they truly know how to pay it forward to those who support them.

Just take their recent fan encounter, for example. The boys put on an exclusive pop-up experience in Chicago, Illinois over the weekend, in which no advance tickets went on sale. The boys simply charged $5 at the door of the venue on the night of the show and put on the surprise concert of a lifetime. One particular fan at the event was Emma Royko, who Jack J gave a special shoutout to on Instagram after the show.

"She lowkey inspired my haircut... but seriously thank u for coming tonight, I know you aren't feeling too well, and the fact u drove an hour to come see us means so much to me and G. Just know Jack and I are with u every step of the way! Go show my girl Emma some love @EmmaRoyko stay positive babe, you got this s –– !" Jack wrote alongside the photo he shared on Instagram, which shows him planting a kiss on the fan's cheek.

Turns out, Emma actually inspired Jack's buzzed hairstyle because she too has a shaved head. According to her social media accounts, she buzzed off her locks for the St. Baldrick's Foundation – a not-for-profit organization to help find a cure for pediatric cancer.

Emma also battles with sickness herself and is in and out of the hospital often. It warms our heart that Jack and Jack had Emma grinning ear to ear, even though she wasn't feeling well. The fact that the boys are also there to support her shows that they truly hold their fan relationships close to their hearts.

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