Phew: Here's Why Dove Cameron (Temporarily) Thought She Was Getting Fired from 'Liv & Maddie' for 'Descendants'


The fact that Disney Channel has asked us all to wait patiently for the premiere of Descendants 2 after ALL. THIS. TIME. and we have actually done it is a true testament to the willpower of this fandom. But even that doesn't compare to what was going through actress Dove Cameron's mind when she was first introduced to the original film's script back in 2014. The actress revealed that before she ever knew about being offered the role of Mal, she thought that a secretive meeting with her network actually meant she was getting fired from her then-regular role on the series Liv and Maddie.

"When I first read the script for Descendants, everything was top secret. The project was under wraps, so they didn’t even tell me that they wanted me to audition!" Dove shared. "All they said to me was, ‘Come to Disney Channel.’"

Does that sound terrifying? Well, Dove reacted by being terrified.

"To be honest, I was petrified that I'd lost my job. I thought I’d done something wrong," she added. "I thought, 'Mickey's going to reprimand me.' But he didn't. When I got to Disney Channel, they took me into an office and they plopped a massive script down in front of me. They said, 'Read this and tell us what you think, but the script can’t leave the building,' I read it and I was immediately mesmerized by the story. I knew I had to be part of the movie."

Phew! So not only was it a relief that Dove's job on Liv and Maddie was not in jeopardy (and why would it be, she was so amazing!) but she was introduced to one of the best scripts in Disney Channel Original Movie history! Talk about an unconventional audition story.

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