Amazing: Zendaya Gives Her Mom a Rainbow Hair Makeover

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There's not a soul in the world who can deny that Zendaya is the queen of amazing hair makeovers. After all, the K.C. Undercover actress debuts a brand new look practically every time she hits the red carpet, her wig collection is impeccable, and her natural curls are to die for. But, admittedly, she is not one to go for bold, rainbow hair colors. On that front, her own mother is giving her a run for her money!

Z recently revealed that her mom Claire wanted to try out an array of pastel, unicorn-inspired hair colors. So she actually went and dyed her mom's hair herself!

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But then, Claire wanted even brighter and bolder shades to be added to her mix, and Zendaya went back in with the touch-ups.

The results are clearly fabulous.

Zendaya joked on Twitter that she should consider opening up her own hair salon since she is pretty much a professional at this point. But that would actually not be the craziest idea in the world. We bet we are not alone in feeling we would fork over good cash money to have Zendaya personally style our locks to this kind of perfection.

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