Will You Buy Emily Osment's New CD?


Hey girls,

Emily Osment's new CD Fight or Flight comes out today! Are you going to buy it? Emily recently stopped by the TWIST office to dish to us about the inspiration behind her new album: "This album is really different than my past ones. It's more of a dance record and is a little bit electronic...All the songs came from a personal experience or some specific day in my life."

There's a special meaning behind the name of the CD, Fight or Flight. Emily describes it as experiencing a moment of fear and having to decide if you are going to run away or stay and fight. Powerful stuff!

She also told me there's one song on the album in particular that means a lot to her. It's called 1-800-Clap-Your-Hands. You'll have to listen to the song to figure out why it means so much to Emily!

Are you going to buy Emily's new CD, Fight or Flight today?

Peace, Love and Style,


Photo Credit: Startraks

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