Which GUY Was the Best Dressed at the Teen Choice Awards?


Hey girls,

TWIST is the #1 teen magazine with all the gossip and photos from last night's Teen Choice Awards! Read our recap of the night and see the list of winners here. As much fun as it is to see what Demi, Selena and all our other fave celeb girls wore (Psst! Vote for your fave best dressed girl here), I know you TWIST girlies love checking out the guys too and I gotta say, the men were lookin' good last night! Which guy deserves to win best dressed? Speak up in the comment section!

Justin always uses award shows to have fun with his style and last night was no exception. He looked like such a stud in jeans, a rolled up button-down, black vest and crooked bow tie. Joe was dressed to impress in a muted beige suit layered over a gray v-neck tee.

Rob wore a blazer over a button-down and graphic tee. Do you like it or think it's too many layers? Taylor's motorcycle jacket and boots gave his t-shirt and jeans a cool, sporty vibe.

The guys of Glee all went all out with their outfits! Chord's gray zip-up sweater and jeans looks simple, yet trendy while Cory and Darren both rocked skinny ties - but in totally different ways.

Which guy do you think was the best dressed at the Teen Choice Awards? Speak up in the comment section!

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fox

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