Which Guy Rocked A Black Blazer The Best To The MTV Video Music Awards?


Hey TWIST readers,

After you vote for your fave best dressed girl at the MTV Video Music Awards, can we talk about the guys for a minute? Joe, Justin and Taylor all wore black blazers but each (hot) guy had a totally unique look. Who do you think looked the best last night?

Joe's no stranger to the blazer-jeans combo, but the deep V and two-button gave his blazer an extra regal effect. Paired with paint-splattered jeans, his outfit looked more casual than kingly.

Between his black tuxedo-style blazer, red skinny jeans, cheetah-print sneaks and gold chains, Justin had a lot going on. And that's not even counting his live fashion accessory - his pet snake!

Taylor went with his usual simple black blazer, white shirt and fitted jeans combo. Hey, why mess with something you know makes you look really, really good?

Which guy looked the hottest at the VMAs last night? Speak up in the comment section! Peace, Love and Style,


Photo Credit: Courtesy of MTV & Startraks

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