Ask TWIST: What To Do When Your Friends Are Making Fun of Your 'Descendants' Merch

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"I got a really cute Disney Descendants book bag for Christmas, and I love it. It's my favorite movie! But as soon as I went back to school after winter break, my friends all started making fun of me saying it's babyish. Even my best friend says it's dumb! I really like it, but should I only wear it when I'm home so I don't get picked on?" - Kendall, 13

Hi Kendall,

Descendants is one of my favorite movies too (I can't WAIT for the upcoming D2!) so you're in good company here. In my eyes, there's no such thing as something being too juvenile or babyish to enjoy: if you love the film, watch it every weekend and proudly flaunt all your stylish merch! That being said, it's no fun at all getting picked on, especially if it's taking the joy out of something you really love.

So I have a few suggestions for you. First, if it's your close friends who are bothering you about liking this movie, how about inviting them over to watch it with you? They may not even have seen it yet, so they don't know what they're missing – and that's a tragedy that can be easily remedied. If they still don't love it after an hour and 52 minutes of bopping to "Rotten to the Core," then that's their loss. Don't force it on them.

You can also use the opportunity to sincerely explain to your BFF circle why you like it, and make them realize it's a choice of yours they should respect. Your true friends will understand and should stop nagging you, even if they don't happen to agree.

But if it's a group of bullies at school who are just using this as an excuse to get to you, don't let them. Shrug off their jabs (as hard as it can be) to make them realize that their taunting won't make you shy away from something you love – and that is a quality to be respected. Get a teacher or parent involved if the situation gets any worse.

But don't hide your bag away at home. Sure, it may be an easy way to stop the giggling from going on behind your back, but it won't feel great to cave to others' pressures.


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