Ask TWIST: What To Do If Your Friends Make Fun of Your Concert Tees

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I LOVE going to live concerts, and every time I go to a show, I buy a t-shirt. I go to see all kinds of genres, but I always collect a shirt even if they're not my all time favorite band. So here's the thing. Sometimes when I wear my concert t-shirts my friends make fun of them. Like, they make fun of me for liking corny bands or listening to country music with my parents or whatever. I don't like arguing over my taste in music with everyone, so should I just stop wearing my shirts? -Katie, 15

Hey Katie!

One of the biggest problems today is that people are afraid to be who they really are. Constantly trying to conform to what is "cool" or "normal" can make you stray away from who you are as a person on the inside. My first piece of advice would be to definitely keep wearing those concert tees if you love them! You aren’t forcing your friends to wear them and EVERYONE is entitled to their own style.

Take a look at young celebrities today who are trying to make a name for themselves in the fashion world. Stars like Zendaya, who has been both criticized and praised for her style, never seems to stop taking risks. She goes above and beyond every time she hits the red carpet and is just herself, which is something to truly admire.

Also, I would definitely have your friends listen to the bands you are sporting on your concert tees. Like I said before, we sometimes tend to isolate people, bands, certain types of clothing or really anything because they seem different or ‘not normal’. If your friends listened to the songs you enjoy they may see the good in the music. If they in fact do like the music, which I’m sure they would, that would be another way for you guys to hang out. Music definitely brings people together and they could be pleasantly surprised to realize just how great some of these bands truly are!

One other piece of advice I have is to bring your friends to these live concerts! Whether or not they end up loving the music, a concert experience is always so much fun! I encourage you to try explaining this to them. Make a day out of the concert experience. Stop by a local restaurant, sit down before the show begins and chow down with your besties! Dancing to the music definitely requires a lot of energy!

Just remember: Never stray from being who you want to be and wearing the style you want to wear because of what other people think. Rock those tees and keep adding to your collection!

Good luck!

Xo, Alex

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