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We recently chatted with the cuties of the hot new band The New Velvet! Dustin, Ben, Robby and John, aka Sheep, stopped by the TWIST offices recently and spilled all about their sound, which celebs they're crushing on (get ready for some funny answers, btw!) and who they'd love to collaborate with! The guys even performed some acoustic versions of their songs for us! Check out the videos of their performances and special shout-out to TWIST readers below! Click HERE for our exclusive interview with The New Velvet!

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The New Velvet's shout out to TWIST readers:

"Bigger Than Love":


xo, Michelle

TWIST: How would you describe your sound? Dustin: Our sound is straightforward pop, but we have some rock elements. We've been in a rock band together since high school, and we kind of bring that influence - some electronic stuff, some synthesizer. We also do an urban beats kind of thing every once in a while. Ben: We like to mix it up a bit from the different influences we have from what we listened to as kids, til now. Anything we listen to kind of influences us in it's own little way! TWIST: How did you guys form as a band? John: We all met in high school and we started playing together around 10th grade. Then we went to Israel after high school and we played there. We got back, Ben and Dustin started this project that we used to play in called Reality Addiction. Rob came along sometime around then. I guess then about a year ago we started this new band called The New Velvet. Same people as the old band. That's how we got here.

TWIST: How did you come up with your band name? Dustin: Well, we had a few different names. None of them really stuck. We just had a bunch of people who were trying to help us get names. When it comes down to a name you just need to come down with what feels right! After a while, this was the name that we all really felt good about right off the bat. We had a couple of months here and there under a [different] name, a couple of months there. So now we have this name and we're all excited about it! Ben: I guess the name "new" came because we're a new project. "Velvet" just evokes a cool image in people's heads when they hear the name "The New Velvet." Our music is kind of lush and very melodic and velvet is a really smooth texture. People just tend to like it.

TWIST: What is your favorite song to perform? Rob: My favorite song to perform is "Bigger Than Love". Dustin: My favorite song is probably "Hey Lady" or "Bigger Than Love". John: My favorite song is probably "Hey Lady" to perform. Ben: I'm going to say my favorite song is "Gone" because it's kind of right in the middle of where our songs lay. Some of them are more up-tempo, some of them are a little more ballad. This one's kind of in the middle, and it's very emotional. There's guitar solos and great harmonies. TWIST: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? John: I know who Rob would collaborate with. I think he'd collaborate with Ryan Tedder from One Republic. Rob: I think Dustin and Sheep would collaborate with Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind. TWIST: What is the weirdest thing that you bring out on the road with you? Ben: Probably our old tour manager. He was pretty weird. We have a new one now. The weirdest thing we've brought out? I don't think we have one yet. John: In our old band, we took a trip down to Georgia to play a concert at Six Flags there, and Rob's mom sent a cooler full of deli meats in it. It ended up sitting in the back of the van for two or three days, and then when we got back in, it smelled awful. We threw it out the window on the way home.

TWIST: That's funny! Who are your celebrity crushes? Ben: John's favorite is Melissa McCarthy. Rob: Nicole Scherzinger is pretty hot. Dustin: I like Jim Carrey. Ben: Well, that's fine too. Rob: On our old MySpace, it had all our influences, and it had bands and Jim Carrey in the musical influences. Ben: I'm really into Rashida Jones right now. She's Quincy Jones' daughter, the music legend.

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers go out and buy your CD? Dustin: The songs on the CD have something new to say. We're saying some different things that have never been said before or we're saying some things in a different way. It would be really cool for them to relate to it. With the feedback we've been getting, I think definitely your fan base could really relate to a lot of the stuff we're singing about. I still feel like I'm 15. I don't know if that'll ever change. I guess when we write songs, we kind of have that kid element. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it's cool. We all embrace that. Just something that kids can come and have fun and be inspired by. Ben: Yeah, kids and adults. I think when readers of magazine or people that watch TV or go online on YouTube, they're looking for new bands or songs - very rarely are they going to come across someone who is truly independent and has literally done it themselves from start to where we are now. We've literally done it all ourselves; we've designed the T-shirts, we print up everything, we answer all the fans. Our music is us. If you want to find something that's new and really be one of the first people in that and really feel like it's yours, because it is theirs too, get the CD and you're part of the family. Not many bands can say that. Dustin: One of the things we pride ourselves on is that we read and respond to every person that messages us. We treat everyone like family. There's people meeting each other through our band, becoming friends, and it's the most amazing thing in the world. It's just so cool to bring people together like that.

TWIST: That's amazing! Can you tell us what's in store for you guys this year? Ben: We're always writing new music. It might be for us; it might be for somebody else. Our team is still very small. We're planning to put out a ton more videos online, [and do] a ton of online contests. We're going to probably release a new single or two within the next couple of months. There are definitely shows happening, too! We're going to play tons of shows in the next few months in New York, hopefully L.A., and just around. TWIST: Great! Thank you so much for chatting with us! Dustin, Ben, Robby, John: Thank you!

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