Vampire Diaries Marathon Starts Tonight!


Hey TWIST girls!

We are totally hooked on The CW's new show, The Vampire Diaries, and we're so bummed we have to wait until Jan. 14 for new episodes! But, to satisfy our Vamp craving this week, we're gearing up for a week-long marathon of the show's 10 episodes.

It all kicks off tonight at 8 pm on The CW (with two episodes airing each night), so you can easily get caught up if you've missed an episode or if you want to see what it's all about!

In honor of the Vampire-filled week, let's talk -- who do YOU think is the hotter vampire: Twilight's Edward or Vamp Diaries' Stefan? Make your pick in the comments!

Hugs, Kourt

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The CW

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