TWIST Video: Watch the Full Let It Shine Trailer Here!


Hey TWIST readers,

The first full trailer for the upcoming DCOM Let It Shine was just released! The movie is about Cyrus (Tyler Williams), a shy songwriter, who lets his best friend Kris (Trevor Jackson) take credit for his music after he wins a songwriting contest. The prize is to have his song produced by the same record label as his longtime crush, Roxie. Roxie is played by Coco Jones, who just got a record deal! Coco dished exclusively to TWIST, "My character is different because she's one of the ones who's not as confident as she should be. She doesn't believe in herself. She tries to please everybody else, and she really doesn't stick up for what she believes in." Check out the trailer below, and don't miss Let It Shine when it premieres on the

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Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel

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