TWIST Video: Secret Mean Stinks Campaign + How To Overcome Bullying!


Olympic hopeful gymnast Alicia Sacramone is helping to bring awareness to anti-bullying efforts as part of the Secret Mean Stink campaign to stop bullying in schools around the country! Alicia, who won a silver medal in the Beijing Olympic Games, went through some tough times in school and spills on her experiences with being bullied. "Growing up I was always shorter than most people. They always used to call me Oompa Loompa and tease me. It was just really mean. I was really self-conscious about my height growing up," Alicia says. She dishes that bullies are everywhere and we need to stop them! "Growing up competing in an all-girls sport, it was difficult. There were some mean girls, the popular girls [and] the girls who are getting bullied. It's not fair. I was so happy to partner with Secret Outlast their fully against bullying and making sure that every girl feels confident and loved and never has to feel put down that way!" Alicia says. To make your mark on stopping bullying at your school and making sure your pals know that "Mean Stinks", visit the their website and Facebook to stop the hate and spread the love + check out Alicia's tips on overcoming bullying below:

How do you overcome bullying at school? Let us know in the comments below! For more on bullying and how Selena was never the popular kid, pick up the June issue of TWIST, on stands now!

TTYL, Elizabeth

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