TWIST Video: Ariana Grande Gets a Tattoo - Plus New Music!


Hey TWIST readers,

Ariana Grande just posted this crazy video of her getting a tattoo - a heart on her toe - while she was in the studio recording a duet with LMFAO's Sky Blu, which she promises fans will be able to hear soon! The "Put Your Hearts Up" singer dished, "This year has been one of the happiest and most enlightening years for me, and I felt like I wanted to do something special to remind me of this time - writing my first album, working with my castmates and best friends on Victorious, being young, having fun and being surrounded by love - I wanted to do something permanent to remind me to always be grateful and not take anything for granted, so I got a little tattoo. 'Tattooed Heart' is also the name of one of my favorite songs I've written from my upcoming debut album." We can't wait to hear more new music from her! You can hear the beginning of "Tattooed Heart" at the end of Ariana's video!

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Photo: Courtesy of Startraks

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