TWIST STYLE: Super Fun Activities To Stay Fit!


TWIST just heard about an awesome event in Edgewater, NJ this weekend and we love how it's making staying fit fun for teens! Group classes like Yoga or Zumba are a great way to socialize and make new friends! Fit for Fashion is an event hosted by celeb trainer Jade Alexis and she's super excited to make exercising a blast! Jade gushed, "Fitness is a commitment that should be fun!" Staying fit has tons of benefits and you can even do it with friends!

What are some fun things you do to stay fit? Tell us in the comments! Plus, for the scoop on some healthy food options that may surprise you, check out the September issue of TWIST, on stands now!

Cheers! Charlene C.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nickolodeon

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