TWIST Style: Steal Kim Kardashian's Daytime Look + Tips from her Glam Squad!


In a new video, Kim Kardashian and her glam squad share the secrets for creating the perfect Kim K daytime look! They covered wardrobe, hair, and makeup to show viewers how to create their own relaxed yet glamorous style. Plus, Kim stressed the importance of adding the perfect fragrance. "Right before I start getting ready, I spray my perfume all over me," she said. "Always start off your look by feeling good about yourself and spraying on some perfume." Definitely a good tip! She also suggested doing hair and makeup after choosing your outfit. "I typically choose my wardrobe first," she said. "Then I choose what hair and makeup goes with that look." To get more of Kim's daytime style tips, watch the video below! Plus, check out the Kim Kardashian fragrance True Reflection in stores now!

Do you have a daytime beauty routine? Tell us about it in the comments! Plus, to see how Kim works her style on the beach, pick up the new July issue of TWIST!

Much Love, Christina

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

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