TWIST Style: Learn How To Get a Hair Bow like Bella Thorne and China Anne McClain!


Bella Thorne and China Anne McClain both recently posted pictures of themselves wearing the similar hair bow styles, and now you can wear it too! It's not as hard as it looks.

To get Bella's bow, first put your hair in a half up, half down style and secure it with a hair tie. Then divide the top ponytail into two equal pieces. Clip one half to the side with a hair clip until you're ready to style it. With the other piece, loop it around so it looks like a sideways teardrop, and pin it into place with a few bobby pins. Unclip the other side and repeat that last step. For an even dressier look, you can curl the hanging ends with a curling iron (but be careful not to get burned!).

China's look is a little bit different. To get her style, start with the same half up, half down style. Take a small piece from the top of the ponytail and bobby pin it to the top of your head. Then, divide the rest of the ponytail into two pieces, and clip one out of the way. With a curling iron, curl the piece you're working with inwards. Then, clip that piece to your head, and unclip and curl the other side. Create the bow by wrapping both pieces, one at a time, inwards to make the fanned out bow look that China has. Finally, take the top piece that you pinned in the very beginning, pull it into the center of your bow, and pin it underneath your hair tie. And that's how to make a hair bow! If you want to watch the making of a hair bow step-by-step, check out the video below!

Whose hair bow style do you like more - Bella's or China's? Tell us in the comments! Plus, to see Bella and China rocking the latest nail trends, pick up the brand new August issue of TWIST on stands now!

Much Love, Christina

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