TWIST Style: Chloe Moretz Aeropostale Campaign Out Now!


Chloe Moretz was recently named Aeropostale's new celebrity brand ambassador, and the new campaign drops TODAY! Not only will Chloe be featured in Aero ads for the next few months, but she also had a part in creating the new campaign! "I get my own section, I got to pull my own clothes," she spilled. "Girls can go and see what I love and what I wear in the shoots. It's a way for me to be in touch with girls." So cool! By looking through the new promo pics, it's obvious that Chloe is a fan of bold prints and eye-catching colors. "When we met Chloe, it was really an instant love affair," revealed one Aeropostale rep. "She has such great style, she can mix it up. She wears great high-end designers and everyday stuff." Be sure to check out the new campaign starring Chloe at an Aeropostale store near you!

What do you think of Chloe's style? Tell us in the comments! Plus, to copy Chloe's super cute nail trend, pick up the brand new August issue of TWIST - on stands now!

Much Love, Christina

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