TWIST Style: Celeb Eyebrow Stylist Spills How to Get Lily Collins' Brows!


Hi TWIST girls,

Lily Collins is known for her unique, stand-out eyebrows, and here at TWIST we love her bold brow look! In the new issue of TWIST, we interview Lily about her brows, and while she told us that she used to feel insecure about them, she's come to embrace them! "Now I feel so confident about my eyebrows," she tells us. So, want to get great-looking eyebrows, just like Lily's? We asked eyebrow stylist Julie Tussey of the Angelo David salon (which specializes in couture hair extensions) to spill her special brow techniques (which she uses on tons of celeb clients!). "Using 3 basic marks (shown in the diagram below) and a pair of chopsticks, you can create your own eyebrow pattern with these easy steps," Julie tells TWIST. "First, place the chopstick along the side of the nose. Then, slowly rotate chopsticks to the three points seen on the chart and create slash marks. The points are labeled as follows: A: Off the inner corner of the eye B: Off the pupil of the eye C: Off the outer corner of the eye Then, connect these slashes with a line both on the top and bottom of eyebrows to create the pattern. Finally, just emove all stray hair outside the pattern created." Check out the diagram below for help, and for more tips and techniques from Julie, check out her how-to videos here!

How do you style your eyebrows? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to pick up the June issue of TWIST, on stands now, for more of our exclusive interview with Lily Collins about her signature brows!

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mammoth Press

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