TWIST Style: All-Natural Skincare for Teens and Tweens!


Ugh, pimples! No one likes them. But, now you can worry about them less with all-natural skincare treatments, like Lia Skincare. These kinds of products don't contain the harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin or make it red. Lia's founder, Anna Yuhan, spills that you should take control of your skin now, so you know what to do later: "I created Lia Skincare with my daughters in mind. I want them to be confident about who they are, and good skin can really affect self-esteem. All young women should have access to affordable products and accurate information about taking care of themselves from an early age." Lia Skincare is a three-step system. Step one: wash your face with Lia Face Wash. It pumps out the perf foamy amount to clean your face, removing dirt, oil and makeup. Step two: use Lia Face Toner. Toner wipes away remaining oil and dead skin cells. Step three: apply Lia Face Lotion. This lotion protects your skin from the sun and keeps it moisturized throughout the day or night to prevent scaly skin.

Would you use all-natural skin products like Lia Skincare? Let us know in the comments below! Plus, for the stars' best easy makeovers, pick up a copy of the October/November issue of TWIST, on stands now!

Ciao! Rachel T

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