TWIST's exclusive interview with Taylor Lautner!


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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and TWIST's new issue is overflowing with love deets! We've got juicy V-day stories from JB, Taylor Lautner, Dylan and Cole and so many more! Look for the yellow background and hot pink words, Valentine's Day Love Notes!

TAYLOR: "WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT TWILIGHT!" Now that Taylor's def in New Moon, we're bringing you our exclusive one-on-one interview with the super-hot star! He dishes about chemistry between his co-stars, his fave behind-the-scenes mems from the first flick and so much more! Plus, we've got the real 411 on the Twilight love triangle! And you can't miss our "Guys of Twilight" MEGA!

JB: "THE GIRL WHO GOT AWAY!" Only TWIST has scoop on why the guys were left breathless by their crushes! "It's just a great feeling, it's like..." Nick confesses to TWIST. We've also got the Nelena update fans have been clamoring for! We're the only mag with deets on their secret dates! "We'll go to places like.." Sel tells only us. Plus, enter to win JB's signed iPod!

SELENA & DEMI: "OUR BIGGEST FIGHT EVER!" Everyone's favorite besties open up about the drama that threatened their friendship in their most personal interviews ever! "I called her and said..." Demi confesses only to TWIST. Hear both sides of the story, only in TWIST. Plus, we've got your chance to MEET SELENA in person! Wowza!

IS MILEY JEALOUS OF TAYLOR SWIFT? TWIST INVESTIGATES! Only TWIST uncovered why Miley's secretly jealous of Taylor Swift! "I keep my mouth shut, but..." Miley spills. Find out why Mi wishes she could be more like Tay. Plus, get the scoop on how they're teaming up against JB!

TWIST SPENDS THE DAY WITH MIRANDA: EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS! Miranda invited TWIST to be her BFF for a day -- and we're giving EVERY reader our scrapbook of our fave pics from the day in NYC! Plus, we went shopping with Spectacular! star Victoria Justice. Check out those exclusive pics and Vic's awesome fashion advice!

LOTS MORE! You can't miss FREE Valentine's Day cards, TWIST's MEGA posters, Emily's secret key to confidence, Ashley's stress mess, Taylor's first date advice, love quizzes, 'scopes cards and so much more!

What are you most excited to read? Tell us now! HUGS*, The TWIST editors

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