TWIST News: Zayn Malik in Scooter Crash!


During a brand new video shoot, Zayn Malik got into a scooter crash on set! Zayn was pretty shaken up by the accident and is upset that he lost control of the scooter. "I smashed up a Vespa. It just spun out and went crazy. [It] ran on about two meters and hit some gravel and it was a limited edition. [It's] worth thousands. They had to put red nail polish on it to cover the scratches," Zayn reveals. Aww, poor Zayn! Two other members of One Direction, Liam Payne and Niall Horan also got into an accident this weekend in New York City, but with a large group of fans! "Liam got pushed over and Niall was struck in the face. They had their hair pulled and Liam's shirt got ripped. They couldn't see where they were going and it was really, really dangerous," a source spills. Thankfully, all of the boys are okay!

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TTYL, Elizabeth

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Columbia Records

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