TWIST News: Watch Cody Simpson's New Video For "Got Me Good" HERE!


Cody Simpson just released the video for his summery single "Got Me Good" from his brand new album Preview to Paradise! We recently got to talk to Cody and he told us all about the song! "'Got Me Good' is a very chill, upbeat summer song, something that I really enjoyed working on," he said. "Those kinds of songs establish my sound and my image. It was real fun. We got to come up with a lot of clever lyrics to put in there. One of the lyrics is like, 'Word on the street is that you're single/So tell me have you heard my single?' Stuff like that, real fun lyrics, is what I think my fans know me to write. I like doing stuff like that." So cool! Check out the video for "Got Me Good" below!

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Much Love, Christina

Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Daly

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