TWIST News: Selena Gomez Helps #NiceThings trend on Twitter!


Selena Gomez just tweeted, "#NiceThings is trending!!!!! @OsseoNiceThings started it all!" In Osseo, Minnesota, Kevin Curwick, one of the high school football captains, got tired of haters on Twitter picking on his classmates, so he started his own anonymous page to share the great things about his classmates. Selena thought that was a great idea and is helping it trend on Twitter. She tweeted her own #NiceThings message to show the world the great things about her fans, "I Love u all so much and thank u for all the support u give me. I have the best fans. #NiceThings!"

What would you tweet with #NiceThings? Share in the comments below! To find out how Selena overcame her self-confidence issues, pick up the August issue of TWIST!

Cheers, Jen

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