TWIST News: Selena Gomez Brings Jaxon and Jasmyn Bieber to Hotel Transylvania Premiere!


Selena Gomez just brought Justin Bieber's little sibs Jaxon and Jasmyn Bieber to her premiere for Hotel Transylvania! In the animated film, Sel plays a 118-year-old teen vampire who falls in love with a human! So, what did Jaxon and Jasmyn have to say about the movie? Sel gushed, "They loved it! They enjoyed it!" The Bieber siblings actually were so excited to be at the premiere that they somehow lost a pair of shoes! Andy Samberg, the voice of Jonathan in the film, joked, "That's a good quote for the movie. 'The movie's so good, you'll lose your shoes!'"

Are you excited for Selena's new movie, Hotel Transylvania? Let us know in the comments below! Also, make sure to read about Selena's struggle growing up in the September issue of TWIST on stands now!

Ciao! Rachel T

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kmart

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