TWIST News: Liam Payne Speaks about His Split With Danielle Peazer!


One Direction's Liam Payne confirmed that he broke up with GF Danielle Peazer. He spilled, "Danielle is great. I really hope we can still be friends. I bought her a car for her birthday, but she really isn't fussed by money or fame." Liam appreciated that because he remembers a time before he was famous. Three years ago, when he was starting as an artist, he almost quit! He dished, "There's one awful gig that always sticks in my mind. It was raining. I played for ten people for £50. That had to be my worst gig--that was the last straw. I was like, 'I'm not doing this anymore, Dad, I don't want to.' It was just terrible." Aww, Liam! We know tons of fans that are happy you stuck with it!

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Ciao! Rachel T

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Columbia Records

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