TWIST News: Justin Bieber Spills on His Next Single


Hey TWIST readers!

Justin Bieber is spilling major dish about his next single. In a new interview, The Biebs talks about his new song and why he chose "Boyfriend" for his first single: "I just thought it was like, out of all the songs I had at that time, it was the song that most represented me at the time. It was perfect first song to come out with. My single is better. And my next single is better. I think it's 'As Long As You Love Me.' It's like mid-tempo. I just think it's edgy. It's something I can hear on the radio. It's going to get stuck in people's heads." We already love "Boyfriend", so we can't wait to hear Justin's full album Believe, out June 19!

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Much Love, Christina

Photo: Courtesy of Keiron McCaron/ITV

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