TWIST News: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Caught up in Paparazzi Scuffle


While out to see Men in Black 3 this weekend, Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez got caught in major paparazzi drama! "Selena and Justin had just left The Commons movie theater and one of the paps was blocking Justin's car, making it so he couldn't leave. Justin was getting really upset and words were exchanged and a little scuffle happened," an eyewitness claims. But after realizing right away that fighting wasn't the answer Justin and Selena took a step back and remained calm. "Selena helped Justin get his shoe, which fell off, and tried to resolve the whole situation. She never acted like she was upset, even though it was obvious she was stressed out," an eyewitness says.

After the scuffle JB and Sel explained what happened to fans on twitter. "Gonna focus on the important stuff. the music. #DieInYourArms hits ITUNES in less than #24HOURS - #BELIEVE," Justin tweeted. While Sel thanked fans on FB: "THANKS YOU SO MUCH to my fans for always protecting me and being there for me. I can't thank you guys enough. I'm sorry I had to rush out. Love you guys."

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