TWIST News: Josh Hutcherson Breaks His Nose - Send Him Your Get-Well Wishes Here!


Hey TWIST readers,

Sadly, Josh Hutcherson just broke his nose! He tweeted last night: "just had surgery to fix my broken nose. Recovery sucks...thank god for a marathon on lifetime...". We hope he's okay! The Hunger Games star didn't say how he got injured, but we bet he was cheered up by getting a tweet back from the star of the show he was watching! Jennifer Love Hewitt tweeted: "@jhutch1992 I'm so sorry you are hurt. Feel better. Thanks for the love!;)". We'll keep you updated on his recovery!

Send Josh your get-well wishes in the comments! To read more about him, check out his Hot Boy Love Confession in the new June issue of TWIST!

Much Love, Christina

Credit: Startraks

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