TWIST News: Joe Spills About Camp Rock 3!


Hey girls,

TWIST is thrilled to wish a happy three year anniversary to Disney Channel's Camp Rock! Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers- Nick, Joe and Kevin starred in one of our favorite DCOMs three years ago, and we can't believe it's already been so long! So... is there a Camp Rock 3 in our future? Many have thought no since Demi and Joe broke up. BUT just this last weekend Demi began following the guys on Twitter. We're hoping that she's willing to be friends with the guys again and make a third Camp Rock. That would totally ROCK! Plus, when asked about the possibility of a third movie, Joe revealed, "Hey, let's do it! [Camp Rock 2] has an ending where it can continue".

Do you think Demi and the Jonas Brothers can work together again? Do you want to see a third Camp Rock? For more on the Jonas Brothers and Demi, including how the brothers spend the 4th of July, pick up a copy of TWIST's July issue, available now!

Hugs and Kisses, Intern Julie

Photo Courtesy of Disney

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