TWIST News: Is Demi Going Country?


Hey TWIST Readers,

Demi Lovato may be planning a country album! She recently spilled that although she "jokes around," she is "actually pretty serious about coming out with a country album." Hot on the heels of her newest album Unbroken (which hit stores yesterday) Demi says she "loves all types of music and wants to do everything." So keep your ears open for her upcoming music and see what genre Demi decides to explore next! Regardless of where her music takes her, it's safe to say that she will definitely ROCK it! (And who knows, if this country thing works out, maybe a duet with her and Taylor Swift will soon be in the works! Here's hoping!)

Do you think Demi would make a good country singer? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and for more on Demi, including her new rivalry with he ex, pick up the September issue with free bracelets, on stands now!

xx Morgan

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

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