TWIST News: Inside Justin Bieber's Private Concert at the Apollo!


Justin Bieber had to perform without sound at the end of his surprise private concert last night when the Apollo Theater lost power! While the lights were still on, all the instruments and microphones were useless. But Justin didn't let that stop him from giving a great performance for his fans! Instead, he asked his fans to sing his song "Boyfriend" for him while he danced and sang along! He later tweeted, "What I saw tonight! My fans! My Beliebers! They stepped up for me! I love u! I will never forget 2nite! That was the way a show should end." Check out the sing-a-long in the video below and be sure to pick up a copy of Justin Bieber's brand new album Believe - it just came out today!

What do you think of the way Justin handled the situation when the power went out? Tell us in the comments! Plus, to find out what Justin spilled about his new album, check out the new July issue of TWIST!

Much Love, Christina

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

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