TWIST News: Inside Justin Bieber's All Around the World TV Special!


Part I of Justin Bieber's first TV special All Around the World premiered last night, giving his fans an inside look into his life on tour! Last night he tweeted, "Not gonna lie. Watching this special for the 1st time with u guys. Amazing seeing it all again." Cameras were there every step of the way, even catching the scary moment when Justin got a head injury during a show! Luckily he was okay and was able to continue with the tour as planned. Viewers were also able to see the huge crowds that surround Justin every day from his perspective! Justin showed his appreciation for one crowd of Beliebers by singing an impromptu version of "One Less Lonely Girl" for them - in French! The special also revealed one of his pre-show rituals (push-ups!) and featured a ton of celebrity cameos, from Carly Rae Jepson to Katy Perry. Watch the videos from Part I of Justin Bieber's All Around the World below, and tune in to Part II tonight on NBC at 8PM!

What did you think of Part I of All Around the World? Tell us in the comments! Plus, to find out what Justin Bieber had to say about his new album Believe, pick up the new July issue of TWIST!

Much Love, Christina

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

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