TWIST News: Could You be in Justin Bieber's Believe Tour?


Justin Bieber just opened up online auditions to be a background dancer on his upcoming Believe tour! The auditions are being held on YouTube, where Justin got his start as a star! Justin dished, "When I started it was on youtube...why can't it happen for you? #BELIEVE in YOURSELF. #BELIEVEtourAuditions!" OMG, it is so awesome of Justin to give his fans such an amazing opportunity! The Believe tour auditions end on August 17, so hurry up and get working on your moves if you want to audition!

What do you think of Justin opening up auditions to fans? Let us know in the comments! Plus, to find out why Justin's leaning on his fans, check out the August issue of TWIST, on stands now!

TTYL, Rachel H

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

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