TWIST Exclusive: Zac Efron Spills to TWIST About The Lucky One--In Theaters Today!


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Zac Efron's new movie The Lucky One is now in theaters and he spilled to TWIST exclusively all about the movie! Zac plays Logan, a Marine who goes to North Carolina after being at war, and goes on a search for a mystery woman that he thinks was his lucky charm. He spilled to TWIST, "I admire Logan because of his courage and that he takes on what seems like an impossible task--to find this woman--and doesn't give up." Though Zac and his character, Logan have two very different lifestyles, Zac dished that they do have something in common: "I think we're both a bit of a romantic and we both love dogs, but other than that, we don't have too much in common. But that's good because it's more of a challenge for me as an actor, and I'm always looking for that." Zac tells TWIST readers that they def need to check out The Lucky One! He reveals, "I think it's a wonderful, romantic story with some surprises along the way. Nicholas Sparks has done it again in creating a story that will touch your heart." We can't wait to go check out this flick! Click HERE or read on after the jump to find out Zac's fave part about filming The Lucky One and more!

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Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers

TWIST: What drew you to the relationship between Logan and Beth? Zac Efron: The way they were brought together is unexpected and I like that their relationship grows over time. It's not love at first sight."

TWIST: What was your favorite part about filming the movie? Zac: Many things. I loved working with our director Scott Hicks and with the whole cast, especially Taylor Schilling, who plays Beth. And New Orleans is a magical place. It was great filming there.

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