TWIST Exclusive: We Chat With W3 The Future!


Hey girls!

We recently hung out with 3sixT, EdgeOne, and Hotspot - the three cuties that make up the awesome new group W3 The Future! The guys were so friendly and chatted with us about their sound, performing with the Black Eyed Peas, what they look for in a girl - even what fans can do to get their attention in a crowd! OMG! Click HERE for our exclusive interview with W3 The Future! Check out the band's shout-out to TWIST readers, and their new single "High Volume", below!


TWIST: How did you all become interested in music and performing? 3sixT: My grandpa is a Latin singer - his name is Juan Sebastian. So growing up, there was always someone around me doing music, and it was always in the back of my mind. When I was six, I started writing. It wasn't really serious - I was just writing down rhymes. Once my dad passed away, when I was nine, that's when I just took it way more seriously and started actually writing full songs. I started recording, and it just came out to be this. EdgeOne: Well, a lot of my family is very interested in the arts, 'cause we're all pretty artistic like that. And I guess I kind of grew into music, 'cause my dad used to sing, and I kind of picked up that trait at a young age. I used to play piano and guitar but I guess I fully put myself into singing.
Hotspot: I have a really big passion for music. Most of my family is really good at what they do. My mom was a professional roller skater and my dad was gonna go pro for playing baseball. And my uncle plays the guitar and he produces, so when I was younger, I was always surrounded by music, rappers, and stuff like that. I used to live in Oregon, and when I used to come back to visit over the summers, I had this rap group called Loose Cannons, and it was kids - street kids - around the neighborhood. We used to perform just around Oregon and it was pretty cool.

TWIST: How would you guys describe your sound? 3sixT: Futuristic, out of the box, and just - hot. It's crazy. It's on another level. It's something totally different. Hotspot: Just like 3sixT said, very futuristic. Our music is a mixture of different music styles - different genres in one, such as dubstep, hip-hop, rap, electro, house - we're just trying to take it to another level. EdgeOne: We're just kind of incorporating a mixture of hip-hop and that futuristic sound, and we made W3 The Future. TWIST: You guys have performed with The Black Eyed Peas. How was that? 3sixT: Yes, many times. It was very cool! TWIST: What's the craziest thing you've done for a girl? EdgeOne: I guess the craziest thing I've done for a girl is fight over a chick with my best friend, and there were times where we weren't friends anymore and stuff, but we built up our friendship again. Hotspot: I got one! The craziest thing I've done for a girl is choose her over my family, choose her over my best friend, choose her over my friends, write a long letter to her - a crazy letter. I was lovestruck. TWIST: What do you look for in a girl? Hotspot: Personality, looks, intelligence. She has to be smart. Just... nice, you know. Some girl that I know I can trust, even doing this career. Someone wouldn't want to just talk to me because of what I'm doing now. EdgeOne: Just a girl that's pretty family oriented, someone I can talk to without having second thoughts about trust and stuff, someone that I can ask to buy something at the store for me, and know that she won't use the money to go buy something else. (laughs) 3sixT: A girl that I could be able to call my best friend. Funny, smart, really cool personality, someone down to Earth. Yeah, someone that I can hang out with all the time.
EdgeOne: Someone that I can keep a conversation with, I'll add that to mine. TWIST: Cool! What are some ways that fans can get your attention in the crowd? Hotspot: One way is pumping them up, pointing fans out, pointing certain people out, making them feel happy about themselves, or for the money they spend on tickets just to watch us... you gotta show love to them. That's one of the ways, I think. 3sixT? 3sixT: When they really get into our music, when they're screaming over everyone. They're in their own world, you know? EdgeOne: I think we should start a fad, where people have certain things that they bring to concerts. I don't know, just a lot of people that go to concerts usually have a certain thing that represents the group that's playing or something. I don't know, just people that really support what we're doing and stuff, and really enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy doing it. TWIST: Very cool. Do you have a release date for your album? EdgeOne: Our plans for the future right now, we hope to get two or three albums out, go on a tour. Just be successful. 3sixT: As far as an album release date, we don't have one yet, but it's coming soon, and the album will be called "The West Side of Mars". And so far, we have 26 songs from it, and we're gonna keep making more, just to choose from. EdgeOne: Just to add to that, we all write our own stuff. Hotspot: We all write our own lyrics, verses, choruses... EdgeOne: Melodies. Hotspot: We all come together and think of stuff, we all have our own mindsets and creative thinking. EdgeOne: I think it's cool that we all have different mindsets because when we all help each other out, which we usually always do help each other out, it always gives us a thing we haven't thought of yet, so it adds different elements... Hotspot: Different styles, yeah.

TWIST: Nice! Thank you so much for talking with us! 3sixT, EdgeOne, Hotspot: Thank you!

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