TWIST Exclusive: We Chat With Tyler Blackburn!


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We recently got to chat with Tyler Blackburn, who plays Caleb Rivers on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars! Tyler is the latest to join the ACUVUE 1-Day teams of mentors where five lucky winners will get a chance to meet their fave mentor and make their 1-Day dreams come true! The PLL cutie spilled all about what it's like to work with fellow mentors Meaghan, Joe, Allyson, and Demi and his one quirky secret! Make sure to catch Tyler in the summer premiere of Pretty Little Liars, June 5th at 8 P.M. on ABC Family and look out for him in his DVD called Hiding, coming out this summer! Click here for our exclusive interview with Tyler! XOXO, TWIST

TWIST: What was it like to work with ACUVUE and the 1-Day Contest? Why did you get involved with the contest?

Tyler Blackburn: The contest is a very inspiring, uplifting campaign. I wanted to be involved with it so that I could help people feel like their dreams can come true!

T: If you weren't an actor, what would your 1 Day dream be?

TB: I think I would want to be a musician or an architect. T: Many people get contacts because they're insecure about wearing glasses. Is there anything you used to be insecure about but have now learned to embrace it about yourself?

TB: I think I've had many moments of insecurity, but it's a constant challenge to love yourself for who you are, so I think I will always be working on it.

T: How has it been working with your fellow 1 Day contest mentors, Meaghan, Joe, Allyson, and Demi?

TB: Everyone is really great! We all know what a great opportunity this is since we have all had to overcome many obstacles to reach our goals.

T: Can you share an interesting or quirky habit about yourself?

I'm a bit obsessively neat and organized. If things look out of place, I have to fix them!!

T: Thanks for speaking with TWIST, Tyler!

TB: Thank you, TWIST!

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