TWIST Exclusive: We Chat With Shane Harper!


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We recently got to chat with Shane Harper, who plays Spencer Walsh on Disney's Good Luck Charlie! Shane was super sweet and told us all about where he loves to take a girl on date, what its like to hang at the Disney sets, and which fan left him stunned at a recent concert! Make sure to catch Shane on Good Luck Charlie, Sundays at 8 P.M. on Disney Channel and pick up his new album, Shane Harper at Target!

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TWIST: What inspired you to write your song "Rocketship"?

Shane Harper: I write all of my music based off of real experiences which is something that is kind of fun about the way that I naturally write. I started writing music in my room when I was fourteen and fifteen just kind of writing about how I was feeling. I think that's the fun part of how I like to write my music and "Rocketship" is the same thing.

T: How do you get inspired to write your music?

SH: Just life! I grew up playing guitar and piano and stuff, and when I was studying to learn how to play guitar, that's what made me really want to start writing music, because I was playing guitar. I was like I kind of want to sing now and I want to start writing music. T: How do you describe your sound?

SH: Oh gosh, It's very acoustic pop and a little bit of soul. The album is very pop, but when you get to a live show, we try to make the live instrumentation really exciting for people and almost a little bit different too, than the record. We like to bring out aspects of the song that maybe aren't really in the record so that people get a new take on all the songs!

T: What is your favorite part of performing on stage?

SH: Oh man, the crowd! The coolest thing is when people know the words to my songs. If I go up and there's some people out there that know how to sing it, know the words and stuff, that's exciting for me! We get to share the music with the people listening and then their reaction to it is probably the most special thing about being able to perform is to connect with the audience. T: Have any of your fans stuck out to you during a show?

SH: I was on tour with Cody [Simpson] and Greyson [Chance]. There was this girl that had a really cool sign with the lyrics to one of my songs "One Step Closer". It said "I'd fight superman to hold your hand." She had a really cool superman logo on a big blue sign. I thought that was special because that was the first time anyone had ever really brought a sign with lyrics from my songs. When she put up that sign, when she was holding it, I was like "Oh wow! That's kind of cool!"

T: That's so sweet! What's it like to hang out on the sets of So Random! And Good Luck Charlie?

SH: So Random! is awesome because I always thought it would be fun to go on there and perform and then when they called me to do it, I was freaking out. I was so excited! The So Random! cast was awesome and very welcoming and very warm. I think they are all like very chill, sweet group of people. Good Luck Charlie is a very homey environment. I've been working on that show for so long. It's like home!

T: So when you are not on set, what's your idea of the perfect date?

SH: A cool restaurant and then the beach at night. I think the beach at night is really pretty because a lot of people don't go as much, you know? It's usually completely empty at night. I think looking at the water at night might [be] cool. T: How about your ideal girl?

SH: Oh boy! Fun, outgoing, and smart. Just kind of free-spirited.

T: So she'd want to go to the beach at night? SH: Exactly! Haha! You nailed it!

T: Thanks for chatting with TWIST, Shane!

SH: Yeah, it was great talking to you! Thank you so much, I'll talk to you soon TWIST!

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