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We recently chatted with Colin Ford, the total cutie from the super sweet film We Bought A Zoo, which just came out on DVD last week! Colin was psyched to talk to us and dished to TWIST exclusively about his character Dylan, what it was like working with Elle Fanning, what he looks for in a girl, and the totally hilarious prank he pulled on set! Check It Out: TWIST hangs with the cast of We Bought A Zoo! Click HERE to read our exclusive interview with Colin!

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TWIST: We Bought A Zoo just came out on DVD. Can you tell us why our readers should buy it? CF: I think the film has something for everyone, in the sense that people of any age or any gender can watch the film and have a good time. Kids can go see the film to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the animals. Teenagers and adults can enjoy the film because they can see the relationships between some of the characters in the film. And I think that just anybody will be able to enjoy the film. It's kind of very open to all audiences and I think that's what makes it so appealing.

TWIST: Awesome! Can you tell us a little bit about your character Dylan and what it was like to play him? CF: Yeah! Dylan's mother [has] passed away, so he feels very alone and that nobody is there for him, so he draws these dark and mysterious things. He's just really upset and kind of down on himself, and he gets kicked out of school so he's not necessarily the best kid. And then he moves to the zoo, which he's very reluctant about at first, and then he finds this cool relationship with Elle Fanning's character Lily, and she kind of allows him to come out of his shell and then later, reconnect again with his father. So, I think Lily's the reason Dylan becomes a better person.

TWIST: Cool! What was it like to work with Elle Fanning? CF: Elle was great! Elle and I were friends before we started shooting, so, you know, I'd watch her go off and do a film, and I'd go do a film or a TV show or something, and then we'd always talk and be like, 'Man! We should work together!' And we finally did, so that was really cool!

TWIST: That's awesome! CF: Yeah!

TWIST: So, what was your favorite scene to film and why? CF: My favorite scene to film... well, I think one of the most intense scenes we filmed - the one that I just totally remember the most - is my fight scene with Matt [Damon, who plays Benjamin, Dylan's dad]. And I think that definitely was the hardest [scene] to shoot, and [also] the most fun. That [scene] was the most rewarding thing to see on screen, [and to see] how [it] turned out.

TWIST: Cool! So, if you had to pick one funny moment or prank that happened on set, what would it be? CF: One funny moment or prank... well, let's see. On April Fool's Day, Matt was on a strict diet, and he couldn't eat sweets or anything. He had to eat very bland stuff cooked by someone for him, 'cause he was doing a film right after We Bought A Zoo. And so, we - his stepdaughter Alexia and I - went and took tons of candy, cakes, cupcakes, muffins and everything and just totally loaded his trailer up with sweets and sugary things that he couldn't have - so that was pretty funny. It was pretty fun.

TWIST: That's funny. What was his reaction? CF: His reaction... I mean, he was just like, 'Aw, man!' He constantly would be like, 'I really want a candy bar right now!' or something like that, so I think we got him pretty bummed out.

TWIST: What do you look for in a girl? CF: I mean, personality obviously. But I like girls that are really funny and smart, and like to have a normal, intelligent conversation every once in a while. And I like girls that aren't afraid to just totally, 100% percent, be themselves, and have fun, just do cool stuff. I like to do really fun stuff.

TWIST: That's cool! So what would your ideal date be, if you could do anything? CF: Ooh, my ideal date. Let's see. Well, I mean, I'd love to go to the movies, but I feel like that's kind of overdone, like everybody that's a teenager that's on a date goes to a movie. But I think it's one of the coolest things. Like, Titanic is out in theaters again, and I really want to see that. I think dinner and a movie is really good. When I was little, I used to go play laser tag and I think that's kind of childish but it's also kind of fun if you're on a date and you know the girl really well and she's having a really good time! That would be really cool. TWIST: Awesome! Thank you so much for talking to us! CF: You're welcome! Thank you!

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