TWIST Exclusive: We Chat With Chris O'Neal!


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We recently talked to Chris O'Neal, who plays Kevin on Nickelodeon's hot new show, How To Rock! Chris's character Kevin is the drummer of the band Gravity 5, whose rivals are the "mean girl" band The Perfs - uh-oh, we smell drama! Chris talked to us about the show, his character Kevin, the awesome cast, and his fans! Click HERE to read our exclusive interview with Chris, and don't forget to tune in to How to Rock, every Saturday at 8:30/7:30c on Nickelodeon and follow Chris on twitter @Chrisoneal4!

XOXO, TWIST Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

TWIST: Can you tell me a little bit about How To Rock? CO: Well, How To Rock is about a girl named Kacey Simon who was the leader of this group called The Perfs. The Perfs is the abbreviation for perfect, so it was this group of girls who ran the school and saw themselves as these perfect girls. So then, the main girl Kacey has to get braces and glasses and then she becomes "un-perfect" in their eyes, and she kind of gets kicked out of The Perfs. So, she meets this new group of friends, which is us, Gravity 4, at the moment, and she joins our band, making us Gravity 5. We just accept her for who she is, you know, and we show that you don't have to look a certain way or act a certain way to be cool, because you're cool just the way you are. TWIST: Awesome! So, what can you tell me about your character Kevin? CO: Well, Kevin is very fun-loving, and it's almost like he lives in his own movie. He's always ready to do something crazy or have fun here and there. He's just overall a happy guy, and he's also the drummer in the band of Gravity 5, so he keeps the beat going, and he's this spontaneous, crazy fun guy.

TWIST: How are you like him and how are you different from him? CO: I'm like Kevin in many ways. Kevin is very fun - I love to have fun, and in school, he's not really good with the ladies. Growing up, I was never the ladies' man. I was kind of just the guy who stood in the corner. So, playing a character that is not good with ladies and everything with girls is kind of fun because that is my life (laughs). So, I went through those things. And I also do drum; I've been drumming for about six years.

TWIST: So, what is it like working on the show with Cymphonique? CO: It is, you know, just amazing. She is so nice and so talented and she's always ready to tell us about some TV show she watched, or some fun adventure she went on with a couple of friends. The cast - we all really gel and everything. It's just great to have kids who actually get along and just love being together, and her - she's just an amazing person.

TWIST: That's great! She told us she loves working with you guys and that you guys have a blast on set, too! So, it seems like it's a really fun working environment. CO: Yeah, it's awesome. I look forward every morning to coming here just to be with the same group of people all of the time. It's just awesome.

TWIST: I've come across a couple of fan sites. Is that crazy to you, that people are so excited about the show? CO: (laughs) Yeah, it's amazing. I mean, when I would go on things like Twitter and stuff, and I would see that a kid has actually made fan pages for me, and they have my picture, and my name, and all of this cool stuff about me - I'm like, "Wow!" You know, this has never happened to me, so it's just crazy seeing the fan pages and how people love How To Rock and they're just looking forward to it. It's just unreal sometimes. TWIST: Awesome. So, do you have a celebrity crush? CO: If I had to pick my celebrity crush, it would probably be Rihanna. I mean, I love Rihanna, so I guess she's my crush. TWIST: Cool! Thank you very much! CO: Thank you!

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