TWIST Exclusive: We Chat With 1D's Opening Act Camryn!


Hey TWIST readers,

We just spoke with Camryn - she's the opening act for part of One Direction's summer tour - we're super jealous! Camryn told us all about her music, touring, and her favorite One Direction band mates. Read on to find out more!


T: What do you love most about your music? C: That fact that it's really true to who I am, and how it's definitely age-appropriate. Anybody, no matter what age, is going to be able to listen to it.

T: Awesome! How did you get your start in the music business? C: I was about 8 when I recorded my first demo and I sent it out to a bunch of managers and agents. My mom had known my manager for fifteen years. When we first asked him to work with me, he said, 'No! I can't manage an 8-year-old. Are you crazy?' So we just sent him the demo and said 'Hey, what direction should we go in with this?' and he's like, 'No other direction. You know what? I'm going to manage her!'

T: You just signed on to open for One Direction on tour and that's a huge deal! How did you get that gig? C: I know! Well, my manager didn't really tell me. He didn't want to tell me anything until they had a deal written on paper. And then I had to decide on whether I wanted to go or not and I'm like, "Yeah I wanna go!"

TWIST: Totally! How does it feel to be able to go on tour with them? Did you freak out when you found out? C: I beyond freaked out because I actually am a really big fan of One Direction. So it's going to be great.

TWIST: Have you met the boys yet? C: No I haven't! But I've been to one of their concerts and it was amazing.

T: Do you have a favorite band member before even meeting them? C: I'm kind of stuck between Harry and Zayn.

T: You've been on tour before, so what would you say is your favorite part about being on tour? C: My favorite part would be after I'm done performing, and the show's over because I'm outside signing autographs.

T: What would you say is the worst part about being on tour? C: The worst part is the constantly changing schedules.

T: Do you think it's going to be weird this summer being the only girl surrounded by so many boys? C: No, I don't think so because I did that on the Waiting4U Tour, and it wasn't bad. It was really fun so I'm really excited!

T: It's been really nice chatting with you. Thanks Camryn! C: Thanks so much TWIST!

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