TWIST Exclusive: Watch a Sneak Peek of Austin Mahone's "Say Somethin" Music Video!


Austin Mahone just sent this exclusive sneak peek of "Say Somethin" only for TWIST readers! Check out the video below for behind-the-scenes footage, fan shout-outs, and some sizzling shirtless Austin action! Austin spilled, "It's a crazy video! It's going to be awesome!" From paper airplane fights, to dance-offs in the school gym, the video looks amazing! We can't wait to see how it turns out!

Are you pumped for Austin's "Say Somethin" video to come out? Tell us why in the comments below! Plus, make sure to check out Austin's undercover flirting session in the September issue of TWIST on stands now!

Ciao! Rachel T

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maicol Diaz/Unique Photography & Design

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