TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Hangs with the Stars of Chasing Mavericks!


TWIST just got back from surfing with the stars of Chasing Mavericks, and we are so excited about this movie! We met up with Jonny Weston and Leven Rambin in LA and they gave us all the deets on their characters' amazing love story. The movie tells the true story of surfer Jay Moriarty, played by Jonny, who wants to surf America's most dangerous wave. While training with a surfing legend, he falls in love with Leven's character Kim. Leven dished to TWIST, "They're so young, but they have such a strong soul connection. I want a love story like that!" Jonny added, "It's a beautiful story, and it's all true." Check out our exclusive interviews with Jonny and Leven below and see the movie in theaters out today (we saw the screening and loved it)!

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