TWIST Exclusive: TWIST hangs out with Love Via Dance Machine!


TWIST just hung out with Love Via Dance Machine and had a blast! Jimmy, Izaiah, Wiley, and Alex dished about their music and their favorite tour memories! Check out our exclusive convo with the boys and watch our vid of them performing below!


TWIST: Can you tell us a little about your sound? Izaiah: Some bands will come out and be like 'We are a punk band!' or 'We are a rock band!' and obviously they grew up listening to it but our music? We don't really try to specify it. We just like to write good songs that make people feel good. We like to try to call it pop/electronic but we have trouble putting what kind of band we are into words. Wiley: It's kind of poppy but it's kind of rock but it's kind of electronic. It's a big mish mash.

TWIST: Do you write your own music? Jimmy: We do write all of our own music. It's interesting. It's different from song to song. One of us will come to the table with an idea for a verse or even just an idea for a song, no melodies or words or anything yet. We're all really good at working together and getting the best product that we can. It's not a quick process by any means. We spend a lot of time going over the music and make sure it's not something that in five years we'll be like 'UGH! Why did we write that?' Alex: I think that also it's important for us that we write about what we actually deal with like story lines and real life situations that have happened to us.

TWIST: What's been your most memorable concert to date? Who has been your favorite person to have a show with so far? Izaiah: I think We The Kings. That was a good show! Alex: We The Kings. We also did a tour with Drake Bell who was on that show Drake and Josh, which was one of our favorite shows. That was really fun. We played one hometown show in Boston with him and we had a really great time.

TWIST: Do you guys bring your fans on stage and rock out? Izaiah: We have done that a couple of times. Jimmy: We played a high school show about a year ago around Boston, which is where we're from and a lot of the fans just decided to rush the stage.

TWIST: Who are some of your musical influences? Wiley: I've been majorly influenced as a vocalist by Justin Timberlake. He's definitely given me a lot of inspiration. Alex: I think I could probably speak for all of us by saying that it's completely all over the board but collectively we all love Blink 182! For me in particular, I really like a lot of like country stuff. So probably Taylor Swift. Jimmy: That's very recent. It's a very recent development for him.

TWIST: What's next for you guys? Do you have any upcoming projects? Wiley: We just finished recording a new song in the studio, "Crazy Over Me," that we're about to release. We have a few other songs that we've been working on so we will probably be headed to the studio soon.

TWIST: Awesome! Thanks so much for chatting with us! Love Via Dance Machine: Thank you!

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