TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Hangs Out With Cody Simpson + Album Deets!


TWIST just got back from hanging out with Cody Simpson! He was so much fun and excited to spill some deets about his upcoming album, Paradise! Cody dishes, "I think I'm mostly excited because I know my fans are really going to love it and I feel like everyone that hears it is going to enjoy it!" He also says, "There's a lot of dance music and a lot of beach-y records on there too, so it's a lot of really great music!" Thanks Cody for a great time and we can't wait for the album on October 2nd!

What kinds of music are you excited to hear off of Cody's album? Let us know in the comments! And to find out Cody's summer love secrets, don't forget to pick up the August issue of TWIST on stands now!

XOXO, Jade

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