TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Hangs Out with Austin Mahone and Kellan Lutz at the iD Gum Launch!


TWIST just got back from chilling with Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz and YouTube sensation Austin Mahone! We joked around with Austin as he played mini golf and Whack-A-Mole and caught up with Kellan on his latest movie roles. Austin played around on the mini golf course saying, "I need to work on these skills!" Kellan got sentimental about Breaking Dawn: Part 2 which premieres November 16th. Kellan spilled that filming Twilight and playing Emmett Cullen was "Such a blessing!" But now he's ready to move on to his next role as Tarzan. Check out more exclusive pics from the event below!

How excited are you for the Twilight finale? Let us know in the comments below! Plus, for more sneak peeks of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, grab a copy of the September issue of TWIST, on stands now!

Ciao! Rachel T

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