TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Hangs Out with A Rocket to the Moon!


TWIST just got back from hanging out with the band A Rocket to the Moon and listening to a live, acoustic version of their song "First Kiss!" We got the inside scoop on their new song "A Whole Lotta You," their new album and what's coming up next! Check out our exclusive convo and video below, and make sure to check out their album Wild and Free when it comes out early 2013!


TWIST: You just released a song called "A Whole Lotta You." Can you tell us more about it? Is there a story behind it? Nick: That song is kind of just a song about going out with your friends and meeting someone as you're out and just falling in love with somebody. Love at first sight. But, it's a fun, playful, summer vibe, even though it's closer to winter now. Justin: A fun dance song! Nick: Yeah! It's got a nice little groove to it.

TWIST: How is your new music similar or different to what you've released in the past? Nick: I think we've kind of just grown up as people and as musicians, so our sound has just matured a little bit. Justin: Just maturing. Our music's maturing along with us.

TWIST: How would you describe your sound? Justin: That's always so hard, because we're alternative, pop, rock, country... Nick: Yeah, we never pin ourselves down. Justin: We love every type of music, so putting ourselves into one genre is pretty hard, maybe a rock band...Taylor Swift. Nick: Like a male Taylor Swift, yeah!

TWIST: What would TWIST readers love about your music? Nick: I think our songs are very relatable for anyone, from one-years-old to 100-years-old. For the most part, we write pretty happy, positive songs about falling in love and hanging out with your friends. My mom likes it, so that's cool!

TWIST: That's always good. You need your mom's support! Justin: Everybody loves a happy ending and a good love story, so we like to put things that we've gone through in our lives in our music or things that we would like to happen in our lives in our songs.

TWIST: Who would you say are your musical influences? Nick: We really listen to anything -- any song or artist can inspire a song that we write. From Katy Perry to Tom Petty.

TWIST: Is there anyone you'd love to collaborate with? Justin: Ed Sheeran would be cool. Nick: Ed Sheeran would be really cool!

TWIST: Where's your music going from here? Nick: We're going to put this new album [Wild and Free] out, which is coming out [early] 2013.

TWIST: What else is next for you guys? Justin: Touring all year. Nick: Yeah, we're going to put the album out and then we've got a bunch of touring plans. Once those all get locked down, we'll just be out on the road until this record gets old and gray and we just put out a new one!

TWIST: Thanks so much you guys! Both: Thank you!

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