TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Goes to the Band Against Bullying Concert with Megan & Liz!


TWIST just got back from watching Megan & Liz perform at the Band Against Bullying concert in New York City! The show was a blast and we got to see tons of cool performances while supporting a great cause! "We were so excited when we heard we were going to be a part of the concert," spilled Megan & Liz. We were also treated to performances from other bands including Hot Chelle Rae and Kicking Daisies! The crowd was super pumped and kept their energy up for every song! "What better way to get the message of anti-bullying across than by having an awesome show?" Megan asked. Check out some exclusive pics and videos from the Band Against Bullying concert below!

What's your favorite Megan & Liz song? Tell us in the comments below! Don't forget to pick up the August issue of TWIST for exclusive deets on all of your favorite music stars!

XOXO, Rachel O

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