TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Goes to the Austin Mahone Concert!


TWIST just got back from the Austin Mahone concert in New York City! The crowd was so pumped to see Austin Mahone, and he kept us dancing all night long! Austin chose to open the show with "11:11," and afterwards, Austin brought three lucky fans on stage and sang to them! So cool! He then showed off his awesome guitar skills and dance moves before closing the show with his new single, "Say Somethin". We were sad when the show was over, but luckily Austin came back on stage and gave us an encore! Thanks to Austin for such a great night! Check out some videos from the concert below!

What's your favorite Austin Mahone song? Tell us in the comments below! And don't forget to pick up the July issue of TWIST for more on the hottest boys and your fave musical acts.

Xoxo, Rachel O

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