TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Victorious' Leon Thomas!


TWIST just chatted with Leon Thomas from the Nickelodeon show Victorious! Leon gave us the scoop on his new mix tape Metro Hearts and his experience touring with Big Time Rush. Check out our exclusive convo below and don't forget to download his awesome new music!


TWIST: Can you tell me about your mix tape Metro Hearts? Leon Thomas: Metro Hearts was an amazing project! I'm very proud of it! I want to give people a good first look for free online. There's a download that they can get just to check out my music.

TWIST: What is your favorite song on Metro Hearts? Leon Thomas: It's fun to perform "Moving on," so it's probably one of my favorites.

TWIST: You play several instruments, right? Leon Thomas: Yes I play five instruments. I love music! Music has always been a part of my life. I'm so glad that I'm finally about to go out and share my love!

TWIST: Did you get started with singing or did you start by playing instruments? Leon Thomas: I started by playing instruments. When I was three years old I started playing drums and around ten years old I started playing piano. I started singing because I had an audition for the Lion King! One of my mom's friends was like 'Hey you should audition, you're a cute kid, just try it!' and I got the role! Since then I've been singing!

TWIST: What's it like touring with Big Time Rush? Leon Thomas: It's amazing! The guys are really nice! I'm just kind of stepping into it as the new kid on the block, but I'm really enjoying myself.

TWIST: Can you share any memories so far from the tour? Leon Thomas: West Palm Beach was a phenomenal show for me. It was raining and all the fans were still out there. It was a big thunderstorm the fact that they were still being as excited and filled with energy when it's pouring rain outside was just a true show of love!

TWIST: Can you tell us what's next for you? Leon Thomas: I'm really focused on music! I have a lot of amazing collaborations and projects to tell you guys about! Hopefully I'll be able to let you know about them soon!

TWIST: Thanks so much for chatting with us! Leon Thomas: Thanks!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

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