TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Tyler Blackburn!


TWIST just got to chat with Tyler Blackburn, star of the ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars! Tyler spilled to us about his Acuvue 1Day Contest, who he thinks is part of the 'A-team' and what would be his ideal girl! Check out the interview and video below! Also, don't forget to watch Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family!


TWIST: Tell me about your Acuvue 1Day Contest and how you got involved with Acuvue! Tyler Blackburn: I was actually approached by Acuvue! I've been wearing contacts since I was 12 and I happen to wear the Acuvue brand so I thought it was very coincidental. They told me what the campaign was about and it really sparked an interest because it's all about making dreams come true! I think that's an important thing especially since they're geared towards teenagers and young adults. It's a very important time in someone's life, where you start to make some really cool decisions for your future. Basically what happens is they pick a mentee for us celebrity mentors and my mentee is a 17-year-old girl who wanted to be an actress. She got to fly here from the East coast, and go on the set of Jane by Design, which is one of the ABC family shows! We talked about acting, worked on a scene together, got to meet the creator of Jane By Design and then she got a walk-on role on the show! It was like a day full of dreams coming true for her!

T: Awesome! What kind of connection does the Acuvue 1Day Contest have with your dreams and how you achieved your confidence? TB: I've been wearing contacts since I was about 12, so truthfully it's nice not to have to rely on glasses. It's the way you look, the way you feel ... and to me when I got my contacts, it helped my confidence. You obviously need confidence in this business as an entertainer, and it really makes a lot of sense to me. Even still, in the early morning, I'll put my glasses on but then I'll put my contacts in because I feel I'll look like myself, you know?

T: Of course! So with your character going through so many transitions throughout this season of Pretty Little Liars, how would you say you relate to Caleb? TB: Thus far this season, he's been lied to a lot by Hannah and has now broken it off with her. Fortunately I haven't had anyone really lie to my face like he has. But at the same time, he's in the position where the relationship just isn't working, and I've been in that position before. He's kind of sick with the same old thing, you know? I actually can't relate to the fact that there's a freak stalker stalking all of them [laughs] - but you know he handles that pretty well, too.

T: Cool! Do you have any hints as to who you think is part of the "A team?" TB: You know, I really just don't know. The show is so crazy! Even being on it, I read the scripts and I'm like 'Are you kidding? Really?' I think it would be so awesome if it were one of the four girls, if they were involved in some way. I think that would be so cool! But I'm not sure, and the directors don't tell us anything.

T: Your character just broke up with Hanna, which is such a huge thing right now! What would be the ideal girl for you? TB: I love confidence, originality and creativity. I definitely think it's also important to have a balance between having a really good sense of humor and not taking yourself so seriously and then being able to switch it up and be really focused and able to have a good conversation. Someone who's adventurous and able to think outside the box is good, too! Like if I want to go jump off a waterfall, they're going to be ready [laughs].

T: So cool! What can our readers expect from you next? Do you have anything else in the works coming up? TB: Yea, I have a movie that was just released on DVD and Blu Ray called Hiding. Then I'm also working on music too, with ABC Family. I have a song out called 'Find A Way.' I'm about to release a duet that I did with Anabel Englund, we're going to make a music video for it, and then I'm writing another one as well. So there's really some cool stuff musically coming out and then just the show really right now, I'm pretty busy with that.

T: Awesome! Thanks so much for talking with us! TB: Thank You!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of ABC Family

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